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Whether it’s an international conference, a business meeting with a foreign partner or a simple business visit, we are your only choice. 
Our interpreters are among the most qualified in the industry having done a variety of interpretation projects for local and foreign institutions in different languages and specialties.
In coordination with the customer and according to specific needs, we offer the complete organization of any event that might require:

  • location

  • a pool of professional interpreters and translators

  • support staff (secretaries, bilingual assistants)

  • a host

  • equipment for simultaneous interpretation and sound

  • general advisory and supervisory services (pre-operational and operational phase)


The translator does the interpretation after the speaker has completed talking about an idea or set of ideas. In this case no translation equipment is used, but depending on the size of the room, perhaps requires a sound system. In this context the interpretation task is known as Whispering or Chouchotage.


In this field the Liaison or Accompaniment service is also provided, ideal for executives and consultants who come for a few days and / or need particular interpretation on a specific topic.


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